What is starting up again?

Rev. Brian Gilbert will lead worship on 30 August at 9:00 am.
There is no need to book a seat to attend church.

Mainly Music
Mainly Music to recommence on 27 August. Toddlers, parents, grandparents, carers are all welcome. $5 per family. For more information contact Rhonda MacErlich on 4922 4102 or 0458 652 511.

Bible Study
Check this page, Bible Study, for details.

COVID Safe Please read this document. All the headings are in green.
The church and hall have now been set-up and sanitised to ensure that they are free of any possibility of COVID-19.  We have been blessed in Rockhampton that the city has apparently been free of COVID-19 for some time, however the unfortunate spread of the virus in southern states shows how easily the situation could change, so that we have to make sure we continue to follow COVID-safe behaviours at all times, adhering strictly to the social distancing, hygiene & other requirements, as indicated on the signs and posters displayed in the foyer and inside the church.

You may wear a protective mask in church if you wish, although this is not a requirement.

We are all required to clean/sanitise any personal property that we bring to church – sunglasses, mobile phones & other touch screen items, kids’ toys, etc. Suggest using disinfectant wipes or similar.

Arrival at Church
On arrival at church, you will be greeted by one of the stewards and given guidance regarding sanitising hands, signing in and moving to a suitable seating position.

You may use your own pen and this would be preferred.  Newsletters and offering plates will be on the sign-in table too.

Offerings other than weekly contributions will need to be in a marked envelope, e.g., Lent Event, Kiribati.

Within the church, the pews have been spaced and marked to provide for the required social distancing of 1.5 m between people from different households.  The suitable seating positions in each pew are indicated by clusters of coloured dots (not red) on the top & back of the back rests, for ease of visibility.

If you need a cushion for comfort, you will need to bring your own, as we have had to remove the church cushions for COVID-safety reasons.

Family Groups
If you are in a family group from the one household you may all sit together, provided the person at one end or the other of your group is seated at one of the marked positions.  If you are seated in such a family group, then the next marked seating position will generally need to be left vacant (unless occupied by your group), otherwise there would not be sufficient spacing from your family group to the next person.

However, where there are two adjacent seating positions marked at one end of a pew, this is to indicate that two people from the one household may sit together at either end of the pew and there is still sufficient space for one person (from a different household) at the other end.

Note that the family room and the toys in the room are not to be used, so could families with young children please remember to bring their own toys for their children.  Sharing of toys, etc with other families while at church also cannot be permitted.

No-Go Zones
Red & yellow tape have been used to indicate short sections of the pews adjacent to the central aisle, where no-one is to sit.  This is to ensure the correct spacing from persons moving along the aisle, e.g., for communion.

Distribution of Holy Communion
Communion will be served at the front of the church, either at the left side of the sanctuary area or the right according to which side of the church is being served.  At the invitation of the stewards, people will move out to the centre aisle following the purple arrows on the back of the pews and signs on the floor, forward to the serving point, then return to their seats via the appropriate outside aisle.  Distancing markers have been placed on the floor to assist people to maintain the appropriate spacing.

Exiting the church at the end of the service (or at any time) is indicated by green arrows on the back of the pews and signs on the floor.  As far as possible, you should leave by the nearest exit door which minimises the need to cross the paths of others and enables comfortable social distancing to be maintained.

Morning Tea
You need to bring your own cup for morning tea.

Because of the difficulty of regulations, we are only having morning tea on special occasions.  The first of these will be on Sunday 30th August after our service with Rev. Brian Gilbert.  A donation tin for Kiribati will be available.
The proper social distancing & sanitation of hands still needs to be observed.  Entry to the hall is via the side door nearest to the kitchen, then follow the socially spaced signs on the wall to the serving point and follow the signs to move away from that area without crossing someone else’s path.

Morning tea will be served from the bench to minimalise the handling of milk etc.

We have been directed that everyone must be seated for morning tea.  Chairs will be placed above taped crosses on the floor, all at least 1.5 m spaced.  You may turn around your chair to face a particular person or persons, but must not move the chair from its socially distanced position.

~ If you are unwell, please stay at home and/or seek medical assistance if necessary.  This is both for your own protection, as well as that of other congregation members.
~ The worship services at South Rockhampton church and other locations around Queensland will continue to be available via live streaming and/or You-tube recording indefinitely.